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“One of the tasks of true friendship is to listen compassionately and creatively to the hidden silences. Often secrets are not revealed in words, they lie concealed in the silence between the words or in the depth of what is un-sayable between two people.”

Journal Pages

I have been having so much fun in a year long Journal Swap I have been doing with a lovely new friend in Italy.You can click on the image and it will be bigger for better viewing.Since the mail takes so long to reach her from here in the states we generally keep the journals for a couple of months before we send them back out again and have been completing more pages.
This gal was lots of fun and I liked doing something different.I was in a turquoise faze with these two pages.We don't do two page spreads I do one side and she does the other.So much fun to do it really is great to create in someone else's journal and have yours come back to you in a couple of month's as well all full of beautiful pages.

Now if I could just get my photography skills enhanced I would probably take even more pictures to share with you.I must confess I don't blog alot because I don't like to take pictures when they usually come out bad.My 6 year old can take better pictures then me lol...

Before I go I wanted to wish all of my friends in the States a very wonderful and very thankful Thanksgiving.

November Faces

I'm doing 30 faces in November a challenge to myself and to teach myself how to do 3/4 faces and just to practice in general..I wanted to share where I started from and how far I have come.I have to admit it's slightly embarrassing, but why not we all have to learn.Maybe you will learn something from me as well, because I know better then to just start drawing.

I actually have to break the process down and then go from there. I've watched other Artist's on youtube and there process and really appreciated their help.I just cant do it the way they do it so I came up with my way.I love faces and I enjoy figuring out how to make them look beautiful and not to whimsical.Although I admit I do like those big eyed girls or the round faces and tiny eyes.Someday maybe I will try my hand at them we all want to grow as artist's..

This last picture is my third try using the reference photo beside it.I didn't want my face to be an exact copy but just to learn how and where to place the features.You can see that I still need to work on the nose but I think the lips and eyes are looking good.Practice makes perfect they say so practice,practice,practice.

That is all for today I'm also doing another journal exchange that makes 3 now and have been creating more peacocks and doing my 2013 Day Planner.

I will be back with some pictures of those and share with all of you.

Journal Swapping


Been  a long time since I last posted but so much has happened over the summer and then of course the fall Art Fairs came along.We spent our summer in England,Berkshire area to be precise with my husband's mom  and brother.The children had a fantastic time and so did we but we are also so happy to be home.

Over at Milliande we are doing a Journal Partner Swap where we send our journal out to different partners and they come back all beautifully filled with Art.I decided to go with the theme of Doodling In The Garden With Friends.I also tried out a new stitch called the Caterpillar Stitch it is not hard but I would suggest trying it on card stock first.Mine isn't perfect but I'm doing what I like to call "letting go" because in the past my Art had to be perfect.Even doodling just in my sketchbook had to be perfect and I would get so frustrated.

I was sitting outside in the garden all bundled up watching the children play and had a pencil and book and just drew an eye.I didn't try I just did it I just drew it and didn't TRY to make it perfect.I didn't erase I took my finger and smudge it and went from there.

There is something so totally releasing to just not TRY to be perfect or compare it to someone else.In the past I would say that just isn't as good as her's or his..No more of that from me I will create it from my heart and just go with the flow.


Just like life some things change and some things stay the same.That is the way of blogging for me I have come to accept it.The facts are quite simple I love creating way more then I do blogging and although I love to chat with people I like to do so more in "the moment" then conversations on here.

I as other bloggers I'm sure,often wonder if anyone is even reading my blog.I know some stop by and never even leave a message.That is ok because I do that as well.I was doing ok with blogging then I got a cold..Then more custom orders came in and I was way to busy having fun doing those to come here and share.

Then after that was done I came here to share with all of you and blogger lost my entire post.I was really upset and just couldn't be bothered to be honest.

Once I gave up on that I had some great new Ooglie Bird designs pop in my head and I just had to get them down on paper.I mean seriously who has time to come and talk about "what not" when you can be working out new patterns for a seriously cute set of new birds and section for your etsy shop.

Not me I guess but then I got to feeling a bit guilty because of those that do visit my blog sometimes and take the time to leave me a sweet comment.So here I am today with a new post and I am determined to at least blog once a week maybe twice if I can manage it.

Please excuse the really bad pic I was just finished with her and you can just barely see the little bird down by her feet as well.I was cleaning up my studio and had no where to sit her to take the picture.

My studio is almost finished and cleaned up and I got a really great desk at the local thrift store for $2.00 can you believe it.

Soon as I have it redone I will share a pic of it I'm proud.Which brings me to another part of my post I have no room left in here.I will save the studio pics for my next bit post which will hopefully come along on Saturday.Yes Saturdays and Tuesdays I think will be my posts.

Stop by and say Hi and of course I will stop by and say Hi to you as well.Talk to you later lovely ladies.

Hello lovely ladies I have some fungi to share with you today.This is the largesIt mushroom house I have made to date.It stands a whopping 20 inches tall and is on a recycled square board.I'm planning to make an entire village as the board is around 16x16 square.Little mushroom houses and trees to come so stay tuned and I will share some pictures as it progresses.I tend to have alot of projects going at once.

Even though I have a lot of projects I do get them done eventually lol..Do you tend to have multiple projects going as well? I also have good news the property in Ireland sold and now we just have to wait for this house to sell and we will be on our way.

What I really wish is that my house in Branson West MO would sell.I am planning to use the money from it to open my own shop.I will have to tell you all about my plans some day.For now because it's friday and my kiddies are home I will leave you with these pictures of my mushroom house.The trim on the bottom will be cut away it won't stay like that.

Birds Of A Feather

Well you know what that say birds of a feather will flock together.Now if I can just get them up on there birdy feet we will be getting some where.Lately I have been wanting to make some birds so I sketched a couple of them out and set about making a pattern.

The one to the left will be a peacock these are just the proto types mind you.I haven't quite got them right but I wanted to share what I have been working on.The pattern making is hard and takes time.I'm not that great really but once I figure it out I'm good to go.

The one to the right will be a blue bird of some sort I think.I was thinking I might use some of the cut work lace I found.I would really like to find some old embroidered tablecloths but the one thrift store near me never has any.Once we move from Lamar I told my husband I want to live nearby some really great thrift shops and antique stores and hey an artists colony would be fantastic as well.The peacock was a request (sorta) from an Etsy Buyer who asked if I made birds or animals.I told her I would be making a peacock and a little bird soon and she loves peacocks.

My Uncle had peacocks when I was small he had lots of different animals actually.My Aunt would always give me some of their feathers that had fallen.He died two years ago after a long battle with Cancer.I'm making these in honor of him.

Next up is a Wood Pecker for my momma cause that is fer favorite bird.The bag you see to the right is my new paper gift bags I may use to send some of my creations in.I like the tag but my daughter did it and well I had to add it on their.

I'm thinking on the outside I will apply a nice label/sticker and on the gift tag their name.On the inside will be a post card with all my relevant information.My husband is always getting boxes and brown paper because he buys products to resale.So far I have saved all the brown paper and burned all the boxes.These two gift bags came from 1 box and recycled paper.

Now I feel better that I'm helping to save a tree and the planet.That's all for today ladies hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.Come by and stay awhile and visit me often.

Monster Avenue Monster Monday

Just click the pic for larger
Hello lovely ladies it's Monster Monday here at the studio and I thought I would share some photo's of my new monsters I was working on last week.They are such a joy to make.My kids love them but they are not really meant for little ones.

This little guys name is Henry.Henry doesn't have a nose he is from the Grabber Clan.Sadly the Grabber Clan grab each other's noses so the Mistress Matilda took away all of their noses.Still he would love a great home and he is currently in the Orphanage (Etsy Shop)if you need a friend.

Trudy is up next(right side) and she's so happy to meet you.She was all set for a date with her Valentine but he never showed up.She has been hanging around the Orphanage as well.So if you would like to take her home just hop right on over.

This is Amelia to the left and she's long legged and another of the Grabber Clan.She has been hanging out with Henry and say's if he goes she is going to.She may start crying if I have to send her back to her family.

Millie Ann is smaller then the others and was always getting picked on so she asked Mistress Matilda if she could come to the Orphanage and find a home to.She is fun and quirky and promises to be good.

That's all for today ladies come back again soon.I will be posting all week.

Away awhile

I have been away for so long but I do have good reasons.Last week was a show with some amazing fellow lady artists.It was fantastic to be there but alas I forgot my camera.I have been promised some pictures if I am in any of them so we will see.My mom bless her heart met up with me and we drove the rest of the way to Oklahoma in her car.

On the way home we stopped at some really great thrift stores and just had a blast.I found some fabulous cut work lace just click the pic to see larger.I also found hold your breath a dress form.It is made from a really dense and hard styrofoam.The tape you see on there I stuck to it.It's not my dream dress form that would be a wood one with vintage fabric but I am so very proud.I was wanting to do some thrifting and had a list of things to look out for.I managed to find everything on it except the embroidered table cloth for some birds I want to make.Well I did find it but another shopper grabbed it up before I could.

If I could afford my dream dress form then it would like very much like the one to the left.Since the price tags are very high I'm proud to get the one I found for $10.00...There are some currently on ebay that range from$45.00 to $700.00 so if you want one hurry on over to ebay.In the picture above you cant see the stand (she didn't come with one) so my dad gave me one from an old metal stand fan.

It has wheels on the base so I can roll it around but needless to say I won't be taking that stand with me on a trip.Next up is to get her all prettied up and name her as she will be my studio muse.I also plan to make some Artists Pants/Bloomers/Pantaloons similar to these.Knee length for the spring and summer and then ankle length for the winter.I also have a ton of idea's for Victorian/Edwardian tops to match.

I've been making them for ages for myself,hubby and the children for ages.They are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn especially to create in.Stay tuned for some more blog posts and what I have doing which is working like a mad lady to add more item's to my etsy shop.

A snowy day

It snowed today a really lovely dusting of white snow which is partially gone now from the rain we got afterwards.My house is nice and toasty warm and there is a big pot of chili bubbling on the stove top.

I've been in my studio all day doing prototypes for some new products I would like to add to my shop.Maybe I will have some photos to share with you soon.

The kids are spread out all over the house and enjoying  their video games or watching tv and reading books.Waiting for dinner to be called out from the kitchen and the dining room set.The kids love their chili more then just about anything else especially my middle son.

This time of year when the snow comes I think about all those without a home and or someone to love them and provide them with a warm bowl of chili.I wish with all my heart that I could do that.I often thought If I had been born wealthy I would fix up all those abandoned houses and buildings and provide a place for those lost souls.My husband tells me that the wealthy do not think about the homeless because they live in another world.

It's easy to turn away and avert your gaze but we don't know their story and they are Gods creatures just as we are.I hope that today if you are able you will donate a coat or a blanket to someone on the streets.It may not seem like much but it really is.Each year I donate 100 blankets,50 in Kansas City and 50 in St Louis Missouri.

If you can give please do so because it can and will make a tremendous difference in someones life.We never know if we ourselves may end up in a similar situation some day.

Have a lovely day everyone and if it snowed in your part of the woods enjoy it.

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Have you joined Gulf Sprite yet? It's a really fantastic place to commune with other journaler's I love Rhomany she is one of my favorite Artist's... Gulf Sprite.

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Have you been to Rhomany's Realm? If not you should visit soon she does live shows on Wednesday is funny and a fantastic Journaling Artist... Rhomany's Realm.

One of my most favorite Artists of all time is Milliande she is a Journaling Artist and so much more.I watched her videos on how to draw faces.I have always had a problem getting the girls I draw to have pretty eyes.Her videos taught me so much and I'm positive you will enjoy visiting her site as well.